In a secret science lab far, far away, the temperature is about to rise as the Crazy Scientist embarks on a journey of discovery about weather, climates, and the people and animals affected by their change.

Join award-winning entertainer, scientist and teacher Richard Scholes as he demonstrates what makes clouds, rain and snow, and even how cyclones and tornados are formed with a giant toroidal smoke vortex!

Students will learn how the weather affects all living things, the difference between weather and climate, why we have seasons, and how plants and animals survive in extreme climates by adaptation.

*Wild Weather is touring in tandem with The Magical World of Crazy Science

Duration: 50 mins + 10 minute Q&A
Students per session: Maximum 250
Performance Space: 4m x 4m, access to a power outlet required

LAs: The Arts (Drama), Science (Earth and Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biology, Science as a Human Endeavour)

Cross-Curriculum Priorities: Sustainability

General Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking

Conventions and Styles: Applied Theatre

Themes and Concepts: Weather, Sustainability, Impact Of Weather On Living Things, Solids and Liquids, Environmental Change, Planet Earth

  • $8 per student +GST
  • A minimum charge of $800 +GST per performance (equivalent to 100 students)

All of our performances are the same price for all regions. We are a not-for-profit organisation passionate about providing quality Arts experiences to all Queensland students, so if your school has less than 100 students, please consider combining with another school or contact the Youth Touring team to discuss your options.

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Wild Weather


Term 3


Grade P – 6


A, B, C, D

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Richard and Robin Scholes

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